web design

Web production can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Multiple device formats, changing technology, evolving standards, proprietary vendor solutions, cross-platform compatibility, search engine optimization, statistical analysis-- you'd need an expert to make sense of it all. That's where we come in.

Whether you need a custom website, an e-commerce storefront, a data-driven web app or a customized web template, we’re committed to delivering a professional, reliable and easy-to-maintain solution that will meet your needs today and far into the future.

web apps

Is your website your business?

Web apps go beyond websites to provide tools to help effectively and efficiently run your company. They provide secure access to critical business tools and information from anywhere in the world through a common web browser.

Web apps help you collect and disseminate sales info, manage events, coordinate workflow between offices/departments, receive and process service requests.

We’ll show you how a web app can improve your company's bottom line.


You're looking for an interactive kiosk or exhibit?

You've come to the right place.

Interactive exhibit design requires a unique combination of skills, e.g.,

  • custom controls and displays
  • content optimization
  • coordinating exhibit designers and fabricators
  • enclosure selection/fabrication
  • on-site installation

We have developed dozens of interactive exhibits ranging from an interactive winery tour to a employee application, orientation and testing kiosk.

3D & animation

You're looking for an advantage over the competition.

From product modeling to process animation we have the skills to give you an advantage over the competition, make your site sizzle and your vision a reality. A more creative way to communicate your value proposition.


Can video enhance your web presence?

The explosion of mobile devices and high-speed data connections have made video the hands-down choice for web presentation.

Why? Video is relatively innexpensive to produce, is unparralleled as a presentation medium and is ideal for responsive web design.

We provide in-house video production, editing and hosting services.

about us

Our Philosophy

Staying focused on core competencies is critical to business success. It's true for your business and for ours. At Rimroc, we specialize in design and production for advertising agencies and business clients in the areas of:

  • Web Design and Production
  • App Development
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Video Production
  • Web and Database Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And More

Why Rimroc

  1. We have the skill and experience to handle any project, from simple to complex.
  2. We work within your budget and timeline.
  3. We'll advise you on content, technology and best practices.
  4. We'll design a solution that meets your needs.
  5. We’ll continue to support your project long after it’s delivered.

Our Team

We founded Rimroc Interactive in 1998 based on the philosophy that interactive development requires a new kind of company -- one that combines creative talent, digital media production capability and software design expertise.

This is true today more than ever. Our team continues to excel in every area. Hundreds of successful projects have proven this again and again.



We specializes in ASP.Net. MVC and Web Forms design patterns, C#, razor, Linq, Entity Framework and SQL Server. Javascript, jquery, and HTML5 on the client-side.

We have worked with a number CMS technologies including, Ektron (ASP.Net) and Wordpress (PHP)

3D & Video

Dozens of projects produced in 3D Max and Softimage. Skills include modeling, texturing, lighting and rigging for 2D/3D/character animation.

Video expertise includes Adobe After Effects and Mocha for shot tracking. Our 10-bit HDR pipeline is capable of film-quality output.

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Nitrobids Web Application

Situation: Nitro Bids was a new startup in the entirely Internet-based penny auction industry. Nitro Bids realized it needed a world-class web-based solution to succeed.

Challenge: The penny auction space is cluttered with “me too” sites. Nitro Bids needed a site that stood out to draw customers in with the rock-solid reliability integral to how the business works.

Solution: From specs to architecture to website, Rimrock worked closely with Nitro Bids to develop a robust and creative platform. In the end, we delivered a solution that featured real-time server communication, handled hundreds of simultaneous users, could expand to service any number of users, had a killer UI, could run 24/7 and was easily client-managed through an extensive backend tool.

Results: There was a great deal of excitement at launch and customers were flocking to the site to sign up and get bidding.

Subway Video

Situation: Perdue Foodservice wanted to pitch its all-natural proteins to Subway and needed to impress them to win the business.

Challenge: Inspire Subway to switch suppliers to Perdue.

Solution: Rimrock created a mock commercial that aligned with the current Subway campaign to demonstrate how Perdue’s all-natural proteins can add value to Subway.

Results: The commercial was a hit with the Subway team.

Martini Winery Exhibit

Situation: Third generation family-owned winery in Napa Valley with a rich story and innovation in the wine industry.

Challenge: Create an interesting way to share that story with the world.

Solution: Interactive touch-screen exhibit in the winery’s tasting room.

Results: Carolyn Martini said “The overwhelming response is 'wow!' I'd say Rimroc got it right. As a modern producer of one of the oldest products in the world, whose consumer demographic is also one of the most technologically sophisticated, it is a real challenge to develop marketing materials that will not only present our story the way we want it told but tell it in a way that is accessible to folks used to multimedia...”

Louisiana Seafood Website

Situation: After the 2010 BP-Gulf Coast oil spill, the public perception of the region’s seafood safety was decimated, affecting local fisherman and area restaurants.

Challenge: Positively influence public perception regarding the safety of Gulf Coast seafood.

Solution: Create two websites; one to increase public awareness and one to connect seafood industry members with each other and sales leads.

Results: Millions of impressions for the public site and daily new leads/connections delivered through the industry site.

Dannon Animation

Situation: Dannon’s corporate leaders needed to communicate many important statistics and data critical for the company sales success to its internal team.

Challenge: Typically, internal PowerPoint presentations have an historic low rate of retention and Dannon’s corporate leaders wanted more.

Solution: Rimrock created an engaging video in a fun hand-drawn style to convey the information in a memorable way.

Results: The leadership team was thrilled with the results. And presentation participants were inspired by the approach.